Top 3 Factors to Consider in Kitchen Design

kitchen design plan

Your kitchen design should reflect your lifestyle. It should accommodate your cooking preferences, have enough space you need for dining and has a plenty of storage. Its style should match your home’s design and able to cater the gatherings that happen there. There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to your kitchen design plan. To help you come up with the best style of kitchen, let Bella Vista guide you with the things that you need to keep in mind.


kitchen design plan

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In your kitchen design plan, it is important to carefully plan what you want to do in the space. Though cooking is the usual answer to that, it could be different for other people. Regardless of the plans that you have, all kitchen design should follow the triangle theory. The triangle theory specifies that all kitchens should have a natural pathway between the cooktop, fridge and the sink and adequate space in the middle of these fixtures to guarantee maximum efficiency.  In addition, triangle theory also dictates that the space between the three major appliances should start between to 12 to 23 feet to make sure that everything is within reach while making sure that you don’t feel suffocated as well.


Kitchen design plan

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In terms of Cabinetry, home designers have many choices when it comes to the materials and styles, along with a wood being the top go-to material, while laminated and vinyl-coated are also available. These materials are much easier to clean while still maintaining the look of a natural wood at the same time.   The final decision for the materials of your cabinets will depend on your personal preferences, but the ones that are durable, easy to clean and low maintenance can make your kitchen last longer. Moreover, adding a bar set in the center of your kitchen adds more storage space for you to use.

Work Surface

kitchen design plan

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In your kitchen design plan, there should enough space in order for you to work comfortably and be able to complete your daily routine in the kitchen. The length of your counter-top will always depend on your needs, but no matter how long your counterpart needs to be, it’s important to make sure that the materials you choose are resilient and easy to clean.

Choosing the right and most suitable countertops, appliances and cabinets for your kitchen may require time and effort. Yet, all the efforts and the time you spent searching for designs will provide you years of comfortability, enjoyment and increase value to your home.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Thus, there must be a strong kitchen design plan before starting your renovation. Make sure to think about all the considerations mentioned above to make sure that you use your space efficiently. For more tips for a good design kitchen and bathroom, visit the nearest store in your area now!

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