Bathroom Remodelling Tip for 2020 : How to Choose a Freestanding Bath?

Freestanding Bathtub

Points to Consider When Choosing a Freestanding Bathtub

Based on the recent research about bathroom design trends, having a bathtub helps you have more space and saves more budget. Other bathroom features like a bigger vanity with storage or a larger shower are all great bathroom renovation ideas, but for many people, nothing can be more relaxing than the feeling of a calming soak in a bath. Add some daily relaxation into your busy schedule, by first adding a new bathtub in your new bathroom design!

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Top Tips in Cleaning Glass Shower Screens in 2020

cleaning glass shower screens

Clean Glass Shower Screens – Fast and Easy!

Let’s face it, cleaning glass shower screens are one of the jobs noone like doing!

Nowadays, homeowners are adapting the latest trends in home decoration. Installing glass shower screens in the bathroom has become the norm. It is durable, flexible and has many appealing qualities. Glass shower screens are good-looking and will definitely add elegance to any bathroom. But, the water type in your area plays a part in keeping the glass panel in good condition.

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Glass Shower Doors in 2020: Frameless VS. Semi Frameless

Glass Shower Doors

The Difference Between Frameless vs. Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Bella Vista is the number one destination in Australia for glass shower doors. We are the experts in what we do, giving you years of unrivaled use. We specialise in many different varieties, particularly frameless and semi-frameless. Glass shower doors are the ultimate piece in a modern and stylish bathroom. They deliver a sleek and smooth finish, maximises on light and space.

Glass doors are easy to clean, making them the ideal solution for a busy household! Semi-frameless designs are also sought after and have their own refined beauty. They are more cost-effective for those on tight a budget but still want a beautiful finish.

This article focuses on the different styles of shower screens to help you find the best fit.

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3 Tips to Help You Choose The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom in 2020


Choosing the Right Bathroom Toilet Seat

How to Pick The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom in 2020?

Are you planning to chance your bathroom toilet seat? Better know these considerations before choosing one.
Today’s collection of toilets has improved in style, ease and water efficiency. Bella Vista’s range of toilets is no exception. Before you make a purchase decision, it is important to know:
  • how much you’re willing to spend
  • the size and style you want
  • an understanding of the water efficiency star ratings
It is also a matter of selecting one that matches your other bathroomware.  Let Bella Vista explain further about choosing the right bathroom toilet seat.

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6 Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Screens in 2020

Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Screens

What are The Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Screens?

Does your bathroom look dull? Do you long for a modern streamlined bathroom? But don’t have the interest, time or funds to undertake full renovation?
Create a fresh and modern looking bathroom by including frameless glass shower screen. Not only are they attractive, they also add value to your home.

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Reasons to Choose a Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall Shower Head

Starting up your morning with a shower that feels like raindrops brings tranquility and relaxation which helps you to get your day going. But, that is, if you have the right shower head, enough water pressure and plenty of hot water.

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Clever Ideas to Create a Spa Feel Bathroom

Spa Feel Bathroom

After a long, tiring day, there’s nothing better for your mind and body than visiting a spa. But, most of us would rather skip visiting a spa because of lack of time and the not-so-cheap cost and just choose to stay warm at home. In short, a spa feel bathroom in your own home is one of the great choices whether you are building a new bathroom or just upgrading.

Just like any other spa services, your own bathroom offers a private space which allows you to soak in a warm bath or take a relaxing shower to de-stress. All it takes is adding a few elements to create the spa feel bathroom atmosphere.

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5 Reminders You Wish You Knew Before Started Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation in Australia

If you’re planning to have a bathroom renovation in Australia, you surely want to know these reminders that often neglect by homeowners.

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in your house, which means that it must be both functional and eye-pleasing. When the bathroom becomes outdated, people usually want to give it a new look. However, doing a bathroom renovation will not going to happen in 1 day, it should be planned well in all aspects including the designs and the budget.

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3 Ways to Detect a Leak in your Water System

Water System Leak Detection

Your water system is the plumb line that flows from the public water main on your street to your home plumbing system. It supplies all the fresh water coming to your household. The good thing is that, leaks in your water system rarely occur. However, when they do, it can severely interrupt the normal function of water home and often leads to major repair costs.

Accurate water system leak detection requires a considerable skill. Without the any special training, you can still determine a leak in your water system by knowing the tell-tale signs that will help you prevent a major water system leak in your house, especially in the bathroom.

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Top 5 Factors in Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

When thinking about the functionalities of the different fixtures in your current bathroom, changing the vanity can be one of the frustrations of many homeowners. This multi-purpose fixture serves as a suitable storage for keeping bathroom products out of sight and provides enough space for getting ready. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, make sure to take enough time in selecting the most suitable bathroom vanity for you.

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