Different Types of Bathroom Shower Fixtures in Australia in 2020

Bathroom Shower Fixtures in Australia

What are The Types of Bathroom Shower Fixtures and Their Basic Differences?

Your bathing experience depends mostly on the kind of shower fixture you’re using. There are different kinds of bathroom shower fixtures in Australia that fit different kinds of personal preferences. If high water pressure is a big factor in your shower experiences, then you probably want a shower fixture that is adjustable which lets you choose the perfect water pressure. Additionally, there are various types of bathroom shower fixtures in Australia that surely adds great function and luxury to any bathroom.

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8 Perfect Guest Bathroom Design Ideas

8 Perfect Guest Bathroom Design Ideas

If you often have guests coming over your house to stay overnight or longer, you would want to have a guest bathroom that’s satisfying the needs of your guests whenever they go to the bathroom.

Nowadays, you probably want to provide more than just a simply functional shower, toilet and bathroom sinks for your guests. You would probably want to have spa-like bathroom to make sure your visitors will enjoy their stay with you.

From designing your bathroom, to providing a variety of bathroom supplies to use, Bella Vista Bathware has got few guest bathroom design ideas to take your bathroom to the next level.

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Sliding Glass Shower Door: Why You Should Have One

Sliding Glass Shower Door

If you are beginning to search for a shower enclosure to complete your bathroom design, you may find many options that you never considered before. The market for glass shower doors is massive and the possibilities of thinking what you really want can seem never-ending. The rest of the article will provide you a reliable view point on why a sliding glass shower door is the right for you and your bathroom.

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Double Bathroom Vanity Basins: Good Choice or Bad Option?

Double Bathroom Vanity Basins

Double bathroom vanity basins are often featured in home design magazines and other home design inspirations. It is because they are really stylish and provide great functionality as well. But, is a double bathroom vanity basin right for you and your needs? We have seen many customers who were really satisfied with their decision of installing a double bathroom vanity basin, but it’s worth looking at possible pros and cons of any decision.

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Find the Best Bathroom Store in Australia

Bathroom stores in Australia

Are you unhappy with the over-all design and the fixtures you currently have in your bathroom? If so, you may think about remodeling your bathroom and you will probably need a bathroom store locator in order to find the nearest bathroom store in your area that offers best quality of bathroom products. Doing a bathroom renovation is not an easy task, however, finding the best bathroom store will make sure that find the best quality of bathroom products and fixtures as well as the best contractors.

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Reasons to Choose a Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall Shower Head

Starting up your morning with a shower that feels like raindrops brings tranquility and relaxation which helps you to get your day going. But, that is, if you have the right shower head, enough water pressure and plenty of hot water.

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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation FAQs

bathroom renovation questions

How? When? What? Which? Life is full of questions and everyone wants to find the right answers to these questions. And questions about bathroom renovation is no exception. Questions probably started coming into your mind the day you started to notice that you need a bathroom remodelling, whether a full bathroom renovation or just a simple bathroom upgrade. Thus, Bella Vista has decided to list down the Frequently Asked bathroom renovation questions and answers in one place! Check the list below:

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Must Have Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Bathroom Cabinet Trends Australia

Cabinets / Vanities are considered as one of the most important elements in a bathroom remodel. It is because cabinets affect the look and the feel of the whole room and they set the tone for your bathroom upgrade.

Having knowledge about the bathroom cabinet trends is the first step to take before finalising the complete design of your bathroom. Bella Vista has listed the trends to help you make a great choice and complete your next bathroom cabinet upgrade with confidence.

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