Shower Screen Water Seal – Alloy Floor Strip 9mm

Bella Vista Shower Screen Water Seal
Product Code: STRIP-RAMP-9mm

Bella Vista has a wide range of shower seals available across Australia. Bella Vista’s shower screen seals help to minimize water splash and water flow between glass panels. These are excellent for placing underneath the door. Choosing Bella Vista’s shower screen accessories and hardware such as shower screen seals guarantees you the finest quality products for your bathroom.  Achieve the bathroom of your dreams with Bella Vista.

  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Aluminum Strip for water retention
  • Ribbed back for silicone
  • DIY very simple to install


Size: 9mm x 15mm

1 Year


Product Dimension

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Shower Screen Water Seal – Alloy Floor Strip 9mm

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