Freestanding Bath: A Trend in Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation - Freestanding Bath | Bella Vista Bathware

It can be daunting to start a bathroom renovation, but knowing what you need to make your bathroom look elegant is not that frightening at all. A freestanding bathtub will surely add elegance to the room. Without doubt, they are the best looking bathtubs for providing a centerpiece and give a definitive touch of elegance and luxury. These types of baths provide relaxation just in the way they look and sit in a bathroom suite! Choosing the right bath for you that is not only beautiful looking, but also meets the requirements that you want is very important.  When it comes to bathroom renovation, these are more popular than ever in the marketplace and very sought after and at Bella Vista, we continuously offer new designs and styles to give homeowners a wide range of selection when wanting to achieve the perfect look in the bathroom. Bella Vista’s modern freestanding baths are available in different shapes, sizes and designs.

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New Bathroom Looks for 2016

New Bathroom Looks for 2016 | Modern Bathroom

When thinking about home renovation projects, bathroom upgrades continue to have great impact in overall remodeling as do kitchen renovations. With lots of resources and choices available out there, you and other homeowners may feel overwhelmed in making a final decision particularly as there are so many options and styles to choose from. As the New Year begins, let Bella Vista tell you what the ultimate in modern bathroom is for 2016.

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