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Will a Standard 1200 x 900mm or 900 x 900mm screen fit on a shower base?

What does it mean by custom made shower screen?

Does it cost extra for a channel or brackets?

Do the shower bases/tile trays come with puddle flange?

Are the doors 2000mm?

Can I have a sliding shower screen, if I have a 1000-1100mm opening?

How long after measurements, can we have our screen installed?

What size walk in panel is safe without stabilizer?

Can I use channel or brackets for the bottom of the glass?

Do you cut glass?

How does the channel get installed when you’re not using the brackets?

Are different sized doors available?

What is the standard door size we use?

Do the Semi frame-less screens come in 1 or 2 packages?

Warranty on SMC shower bases?

Do we have drip seals to suit 6mm glass?

Do we have Nano coating glass treatment as an option for custom screens?

Do the fixed panels come in custom sizes?

Do I have to have the top plate installed with my frame-less shower? Or what are my options?

I heard it costs extra to install 12mm thick glass?

Why is it a big deal when glass needs to go up or down stairs?

Is there an extra fee to install a 12mm panel on ground level?

Is there an extra fee to install a 12mm panel above or below ground level?